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Videoscope and ultrasonic inspection of falling film reactor

Stream ES offers all of the conventional NDT Methods, and although we do not perform radiography we are happy to carry out radiographic interpretation of films for verification or validation purposes.

The technology is backed by internationally recognised qualifications where appropriate to assure our Customers of a high level of technical ability and a professional approach to a subject area with high associated risks if mistakes are made.

Non-Destructive Testing is carried out by Practitioners qualified to PCN Level 2 in the appropriate discipline.

Steam Boiler Testing is carried out by qualified personnel to the published British Institute of NDT/SAFed guidelines and Stream has an ASME Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector on the Team.

Senior personnel are Members of the British Institute of NDT.

Stream is also pleased to announce that it now also has a fully qualified Boiler Operator (certified under the UK BOAS Scheme) on the strength, the better to understand the influence of operating parameters on boiler condition.

600 bar high pressure boiler inspection

Inspection of this high pressure thermosiphon boiler requires ultraviolet magnetic particle crack detection using a specifically designed fibrescope to test welds in the space between the baskets of tubes.

Effective performance of this 7m tall tube in shell reactor requires both that the wall thickness of the tubes is consistent and that the tube internal surfaces are uniformly smooth and defect free.

Surface roughness measurements over the top 100 mm of the tubes gives early warning of incipient corrosion damage.

Specialised inspection of these components is therefore carried out using a combination of  ultrasonic and videoscopic techniques to assess both  parameters over the full length of the tubes.

The subject of Non Destructive Examination (NDE) covers any and all of the techniques commonly used to enable the condition of plant and machinery to be assessed with as little physical intervention or disruption as possible.  

The end goal is usually to determine continued “fitness for purpose” or the suitability of equipment for return to service following an outage by verifying the absence or acceptability of defects or damage within the structure.  It can also be a means of verifying continued conformity to design requirements such as surface finish, colour or cleanliness.