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Metallurgical analysis of the microstructure of failed or failing metal components can reveal a great deal about whether the metal is appropriate for the duty.  

For example, whether it is in the correct condition (heat treatment, surface coating etc.), contains internal manufacturing defects, or has undergone physical or chemical changes during its fabrication which impair its performance are all important factors in determining the root cause of failures in metallic components.  

Examination of the morphology of cracks, porosity or other internal service related defects also helps to identify the exact mode of failure in most cases, and this in turn can be used to identify solutions which prevent or inhibit the occurrence of future failures.

The in-depth metallurgical experience available within Stream ES covers the range of techniques from sample preparation for microstructural examination, through analysis and interpretation to identification and evaluation of potential solutions for the problems encountered.  

Our expertise covers the range of ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic materials.

In our well equipped laboratory all microscopy techniques are available in transmitted and incident light, and image analysis is available on all of our microscope equipment.  

As well as sophisticated laboratory based equipment, non-destructive (field) metallography is also available.  This duplicates laboratory capabilities (including microscopy) but makes it possible to perform the work in-situ in the factory environment without removing samples and damaging the physical integrity of the plant.  Replication for permanent records of microstructure is part of this capability if required.

Our work has involved us in most Industry sectors including basic iron and steelmaking, problems in the power generation industry, and the application of sophisticated alloy materials and conservation techniques for novel or unique applications.

Our greatest experience lies with the problems and solutions encountered in the chemical and process industries, including on-site services (air, water, steam and refrigeration).  We have over 30 years of experience working successfully with national and global Blue Chip organisations.

Field Metallography in use to monitor creep damage in a package boiler and evaluating overheating damage on a high temperature reactor.

Routine creep assessment in firetube package boiler Creep damage estimation on high temperature reactor