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Where plant is bespoke or there are no national or international standards to which it is being built, an analysis of the plant/vessel will enable critical features to be identified.  

A Manufacturing and Quality Control Plan can then be drawn up to cover all aspects of fabrication from procurement of raw materials through to preparation for shipping, with hold points where critical stages of the manufacture need to be monitored or verified.

If critical plant is to be sourced from  an unknown supplier or there are a number of potential suppliers to consider, then a Vendor Approval system is a proven method of reducing the risk of faulty manufacture or incorrect supply.  

Stream ES has the knowledge and the experience to be able to design and implement Vendor Approval programmes on behalf of clients, and to be able if required to police the manufacture of the plant to ensure that the required standards are being met.

This can be done at the manufacturer’s premises and in conjunction with the manufacturer’s own quality control systems as illustrated above, and it can extend to on-site monitoring of installation and erection as illustrated to the right.

The Vendor Approval System evaluates the working practices a manufacturer uses and the procedures he has in place to ensure compliance with them and with any external standards that apply.  Monitoring the quality of build during fabrication then ensures that what is ordered is what is delivered to the customer.

Dye penetrant testing of corrosion resistant liner Sulfonation plant under construction